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Our Mead

Making mead requires good source material and lots of patience.
Honey has been in short supply in recent years and this will be reflected in the reduced range and quantity of meads available.  This reduced range is likely to be an issue for us for at least the next 12 months or even longer.
It must be remembered that our meadmaker will not release  our meads until they are in peak condition.
A list of meads made: and their supply
Beekeepers' Special: 
This mead is the second in a series of meads made with honey highly prized by the beekeeper who collected it.
Ask the meadmaker about the unique origin of this honey from a Leatherwood site.
The mead has some wonderful floral characteristics in its bouquet.
On the palate there is a wonderful balance with no overpowering flavours to spoil that “taste of honey” straight from the hive. 
It is a favourite of the meadmaker as well!
Prickly Box Mead
A crowd favourite this mead shows a hint of green in its golden colour. It has the beautiful smell and taste of the “cedar-wood” characteristics of the base honey.
The mouth-feel is more subtle than leatherwood mead, but it has a complexity and depth that heightens the taste experience. In good years this mead can be exceptional.Past vintages of this mead has won prestigious awards at the highest level both locally and nationally.
Clarrot Mead:An unusual combination of honeys, Clover and Carrot, have produced an interesting light style of mead.
In a whimsical frame of mind, the meadmaker has called this Clarrot. The intention is for it to be confused with a grape wine.
The meadmaker has waited a long time for this honey blend to become available.
Blackberry Mead:
A delicate lighter style mead.  The honey for this mead was sourced from an area where the bees collected blackberry nectar almost exclusively.
The nose is delightful and the flavours of the honey fill the palate with a wonderful citrus flavour.  The finish is clean but flavours linger to heighten the taste experience.   Consistent medal winner at shows locally and nationally.
Spiced Mead:
OUT OF STOCK and unlikely to made again.
Raspberry Mead:
Made from Raspberry honey that was extremely hard to source. This mead has a wonderful flavour profile, sweet but not overly sweet with a nice clean finish. The meadmaker considers this mead to be among one of the best he has produced.
Leatherwood Mead:
Our Premium Leatherwood honey wine is a full-flavoured mead. It has a crystal clear, straw colour and the distinctive bouquet of the honey used to make it.  The wine fills the palate completely and has a lingering aftertaste that makes this mead such a wonderful drinking experience. The mead has a clean crisp finish.  A consistent show medal winner.  When the conditions are just right, this mead can be outstanding.
Purple Berry Bush: A very small batch of this honey was found by the beekeeper a few years ago.  We made mead from this honey again for the last time... VERY LIMITED SUPPLY.