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About Us

--One of only a handful of dedicated meaderies in Australia
--Current member of the AMMA ( American Mead-makers Association)
--Granted  Elite List status by the Traditional Mead website in 2012
--Winner of at least 22 Gold Medals in the last 10 years.
--Multiple Best Mead Awards(13times) from 2005 to present.
--Multiple winner of Best Wine of the Show awards at:
  • Australian National Amateur Winemakers and Beer Show, Adelaide
  • Tasmanian Fruit Wine Show, Tasmania
  • Australian Fruit Wine Show, Tasmania
  • Eltham Wine Show, Victoria
  • Australian Fruit Wine Awards, Cairns
  • Perth Non-grape Wine Show , Perth
--Over 100 medals won in wine shows since 2002.
--2013 Best Professional Winemaker, Australian Fruit Wine Show
--2015 Best Professional Winemaker, Australian Fruit Wine Show
--2016 Best Professional Winemaker, Australian Fruit Wine Show
-- 2017 Best Mead and only Gold Medal of 82 meads entered at Eltham Show

Our meadmaker, Peter Green, spent his career teaching in a number of Tasmanian high schools and senior secondary colleges. Although he has been making wine since 1971, in the late nineties, he became a devout meadmaker. He has used his scientific skills and standard melisso-palynology methods to identify the best batches of honeys suitable for making premium Tasmanian meads or honey wine.
He has developed a reputation both nationally and internationally as a master meadmaker. As an amateur and now a professional he has obtained the highest awards within Tasmania and at shows in Perth, Adelaide, Cairns and Eltham Shows. The awards that he values the most are being the only triple gold medal winner at the 2005 Tasmanian Fruit Wine Show and the only dual gold medal winner at the 2007 Australian Fruit Wine Show. In 2017 repeated the feat of two gold medals. He has consistently won the best mead at many of the shows he enters. In one show he has won it 13 consecutive times. In recent years he has won the most successful professional winemaker at the Australian Fruit Wine Show 3 times.
As an amateur, the meadmaker made a huge range of melomels using local fruits including more unusual meads such as morat(mullberry mead), Howling Jack(pumpkin mead). Some of his best meads have been made with the vast range of berry fruits found in the southern part of Tasmania.
Professionally he has concentrated on one style of mead called a hydromel.  This mead is made using only honey, water, yeast and yeast nutrient.  There is enough variety in Tasmanian honeys to provide a wonderful array of meads. The meadmaker sees no need to oak or spice meads and often questions why they are used by other meadmakers.